Painless noninvasive therapy that can significantly reduce or kill gram negetive bacteria

By: Shannon Barcic & Darcy Pasek

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(Oral Health Dental Practice, 2012)

Goal: To treat periodontal disease with noninvasive therapy

What is Periowave?How does Periowave work?When was Periowave developed?Who can benefit from Periowave?Will this procedure be painful to the client?How many appointments are required?Does insurance cover Periowave therapy?

What is Periowave?Periowave is a noninvasive, non-antibiotic procedure that can improve periodontal disease when combined with traditional scaling procedures. It inactivates many of the bacteria left behind from hand instrumentation.

How does Periowave work?




(Fairmont Dental, nd)

Periowave has been shown to be effective against a wide range of periodontal pathogens including:

- Prevotella intermedia
- Tannerella forsythia
- Fusobacterium nucleatum
-Aggregatabacter actinomycetemcomitans.

(, (2008)

When was Periowave developed?

Periowave was developed in 1989 by Professor Michael Wilson and colleagues at the Eastman Dental Institute It was then licensed to Ondine Biopharma Corporation. Periowave was introduced to Canada in 2006 and is currently only available in Canada and Europe.
(Life Sciences, British Columbia, (2006)

Who can benefit from Periowave?

Individuals with:
- Chronic Periodontitis
- Peri-Implant Disease
- Gingivitis

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Before & After (, 2011)

Will the client experience any discomfort?

Periowave is a painless, non-invasive procedure. It is a non-antibiotic therapy that, unlike antibiotics, quickly destroys gram negative bacteria without promoting the development of bacterial resistance. Periowave does not exhibit many of the issues commonly associated with antibiotics, such as allergic or sensitivity reactions, opportunistic infections such as oral yeast infections, or the requirement to take prolonged doses of antibiotics.
(, 2012)

How many appointments are required?

Approximately 1-2 appointments are needed. The client will receive a Periowave treatment from the hygienist after scaling/debridement. With a healthy environment in the pocket, home care can now control oral bacteria, and healing occurs.

At 3-6 months debridement is performed again. At this point, the decision to re-treat with Periowave will depend largely on the progress of the client.
(, 2012)

Does insurance cover Periowave?

Some insurance companies may not cover the Periowave procedure. Contacting your insurance company is advised prior to treatment.
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First Periowave Appointment

(, 2009)

Second Periowave Appointment

(, 2009)

Patient Testimonials
  • Penny H
    Penny H
    I was shocked how quickly I noticed the positive effects. The lack of bleeding in my gums. When I was flossing, it was a whole new feeling. Periowave™ made a big difference!

  • One other thing I noticed was that my gums tightened. To me it felt like they grew back a bit. As we get older and we look at our teeth, we wish we would have taken better care of them.With my Periowave™ treatment, it's almost like I’ve been given a second chance. Penny H., Patient
  • Regina, SK

  • Marjorie G
    Marjorie G
    My first Periowave™ treatment was just great. It was completely painless, and it was interesting to hear scientifically what was going on. There was absolutely no discomfort. If somebody gave me a choice between PeriowaveTM and an antibiotic, I would take Periowave™ in a flash. No antibiotics!

Marjorie G., Patient
Regina, SK

  • Doris E
    Doris E
    "I came into the office with infected gums, and after Periowave™, I left feeling great.

  • "When I think of Periowave™, I think of no more infection and I don't have to be so touchy with my mouth. Whenever anybody would work around my implants it would hurt. After Periowave™, it's almost like I had my actual teeth. Doris E., Patient
  • Regina, SK
(, 2012)

What Do You Know About Periowave?

1. Is there discomfort during a Periowave treatment?

2. How many treatments are typically required?

3. What type of bacteria does Periowave kill?

4. When was Periowave developed?

5. Is Periowave performed before or after hand scaling?



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